The Local Yokels Show

The brainchild of Ricky Swindle, "The Local Yokels" show began in March 2003 as an eight-week program to showcase local talent and advertise Ricky's business, Batesville Tire and Muffler. The 30-minute program soon grew to a full hour and over the years has become a part of local culture. Every Saturday morning shortly after the 7:00 AM news, the now 75-minute show is enjoyed by a huge audience, one that Ricky Swindle jovially says "are gluttons for punishment and starved for entertainment."

In the early days, Ricky Swindle began playing recordings from the folks around Panola county and northwest Mississippi. Soon the number of artists grew, the show's supply of songs overflowed, and Johnny Pace joined Ricky in 2004 as co-host. Since then, Ricky and Johnny have hosted or been announcers for several events in and around Batesville, including serving as emcees for Batesville's Spring Fest for the past several years. The Local Yokels

As the volume of local talent increased, Ricky and Johnny have been amazed to see how much talent comes from Mississippi. It's a family show, and Ricky and Johnny "play what the folks request and what they and the sponsors like." The Local Yokel Show sometimes showcases, as they say, "the sno-nuff local yokels," and also play the artists from Mississippi who made it big, including Elvis Presley, BB King, Jimmy Buffet, and Conway Twitty, just to name a few.

The show has produced two Local Yokel Greatest Hits CD's and has big plans for the future. Tune in on Saturday mornings after the 7:00 am news for "The Local Yokels Show" with Ricky Swindle and Johnny Pace.

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